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5 Minute Parent + Child Meditation

Anxiety and depression in children has never been higher. It is more important than ever for us to take mindfulness and self-care seriously.

A triangle meditation is simple to do and highly effective. Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, stabilize our emotions, encourage self-awareness, lengthen our attention span, help control pain, encourage kindness, improve memory loss with age and improve our sleep. The triangle meditation is perfect to do with your little ones because it is simple and visual. Here is how to do it... Step 1) GET COSY.

Find a cosy, peaceful place for you both to sit. If you are inside, maybe light a candle or play some gentle music, like our meditative song for children "Bad Bubbles": Step 2) CLOSE YOUR EYES AND RELAX.

Nothing to add here... I told you it was simple!


Breath in for 3 counts, hold your breath for 3 counts, then breath out for 3 counts. As you do this, picture a triangle. Imagine tracing each side of that triangle with each breath. This is a wonderfully easy way to bring ourselves into the now and to make sure our mind is completely clear of everything else. Step 4) FOCUS ON YOUR BREATH.

Keep breathing deeply, enjoying each breath. If you feel like your thoughts are intruding, focus on tracing that triangle. Step 5) OPEN YOUR EYES.

When you are ready, gently open your eyes and gradually return your awareness to your surroundings...

You may like our home schooling lesson plan "BAD BUBBLES" which is all about teaching children the art of mindfulness, self-awareness and meditation. If you would like to find out more, click here!

The "BAD BUBBLES" Lesson Plan is designed to introduce children to the art of meditation and day to day mindfulness and self-awareness. The whole plan focuses on teaching children how to cope with bad thoughts and negative feelings. They will learn how to not define themselves by their bad thoughts, how normal it is to have bad thoughts and how to deal with those thoughts in a healthy and mindful way.   All our home education lesson plans work hand in hand, providing children with powerful self-help techniques to help them stay emotionally and mentally strong.   YOU WILL GET:   - Welcome Pack and Information - Worksheets to help children identify and cope with their bad thoughts and negative feelings. Sheets designed to encourage loving, thoughtful conversations between you. - Daily Affirmations designed to affirm self-awareness around our thinking. - A daily, 5 minute, Guided Meditation to help children cope with their bad thoughts and feelings. - Affirmation word search to introduce new, mindful words to your child's vocabulary. - "BAD BUBBLES" by Sammy & The Sparks (the single) - "BAD BUBBLES" (the backing track) - "BAD BUBBLES" Lyric Sheets - "BAD BUBBLES" official, sing-along, music video in HD.

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