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lesson plans like you have never seen them before.

I LOVE ME (The Single)

I LOVE ME (The Single)


"I LOVE ME" is a song I wrote to help children sustain and grow their confidence. Like all "Sammy & The Sparks" songs, "I LOVE ME" is written as an affirmation. The song is designed to encourage children to:


- Think about and appreciate their own, unique beauty.


- Teaches them the difference between confidence and arrogance.

- Encourages them to see the beauty within other people, without seeing an absence of beauty within themselves.

note: lesson plans are available as electronic copies only

"Sammy & The Sparks has really lifted my daughter. She has gained confidence in realising that she has a great deal to offer to others and that she is lucky to be herself!" - Alexia johnson (happy mum)


in each plan You Will Get:

- Welcome Pack and Information

- Worksheets to ENCOURAGE LOVING, thoughtful conversations.

- Daily Affirmations, affirming strong, positive. beliefs.

- A DAILY, 5 MINUTE, Guided Meditation to encourage mindfulness and self-awareness.

- an affirmation Word Search TO INTRODUCE NEW, positively powerful WORDS TO YOUR CHILDREN'S VOCABULARY. 

- a song

- a backing track

- lyric sheets

- an official, sing-along, music video in HD.

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