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"THE WORRY MONSTER" Lesson Plan is designed to help children cope with and understand anxiety. Anxiety and depression is the biggest problem children are facing today, alongside obesity. It is more important that ever that we help children cope with these feelings.


The Worry Monster pack helps children understand fight or flight, why we get anxious and how anxiety is actually a dear friend looking out for us! (Our Worry Monster)


All our home education lesson plans work hand in hand, providing children with powerful self-help techniques to help them stay emotionally and mentally strong.




- Welcome Pack and Information

- Worksheets to help children identify their worries and to encourage, thoughtful conversations.

- Daily Affirmations designed to affirm self-belief.

- A DAILY, 5 MINUTE, Guided Meditation to help children understand and cope with anxiety.

- Affirmation word search to introduce new, positively brave words to your children's vocabulary.

- "THE WORRY MONSTER" by Sammy & The Sparks (the single)

- "THE WORRY MONSTER" (the backing track)

- "THE WORRY MONSTER" Lyric Sheets

- "THE WORRY MONSTER" official, sing-along, music video in HD.

note: lesson plans are available as electronic copies only

"Sammy & The Sparks has really lifted my daughter. She has gained confidence in realising that she has a great deal to offer to others and that she is lucky to be herself!" - Alexia johnson (happy mum)

in each plan You Will Get:

- Welcome Pack and Information

- Worksheets to ENCOURAGE LOVING, thoughtful conversations.

- Daily Affirmations, affirming strong, positive. beliefs.

- A DAILY, 5 MINUTE, Guided Meditation to encourage mindfulness and self-awareness.

- an affirmation Word Search TO INTRODUCE NEW, positively powerful WORDS TO YOUR CHILDREN'S VOCABULARY. 

- a song

- a backing track

- lyric sheets

- an official, sing-along, music video in HD.