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lesson plans like you have never seen them before.




"THE WORRY MONSTER" is a song about anxiety. When we talk about anxiety here at Sammy & The Sparks, we refer to it as The Worry Monster. The Worry Monster, despite being so scary and smelly, is actually there to look out for us. He pops up asking us questions like "are you sure you can do that?" "what if it goes wrong?"... he makes us worry because he cares! His cruel and mean questions are actually said out of kindness. We encourage children to reply to their Worry Monster with a... "Thank you for caring Mr Worry Monster, but this is something I have to do, want to do and CAN do!"

note: lesson plans are available as electronic copies only

"Sammy & The Sparks has really lifted my daughter. She has gained confidence in realising that she has a great deal to offer to others and that she is lucky to be herself!" - Alexia johnson (happy mum)


in each plan You Will Get:

- Welcome Pack and Information

- Worksheets to ENCOURAGE LOVING, thoughtful conversations.

- Daily Affirmations, affirming strong, positive. beliefs.

- A DAILY, 5 MINUTE, Guided Meditation to encourage mindfulness and self-awareness.

- an affirmation Word Search TO INTRODUCE NEW, positively powerful WORDS TO YOUR CHILDREN'S VOCABULARY. 

- a song

- a backing track

- lyric sheets

- an official, sing-along, music video in HD.

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