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Something Bad Happened: A Kid's Guide to Coping With Events in the News (Like Covid-19!)

I HAVE to share this wonderful book with you all!! It is a must have for your children's book collection!

Dawn Huebner, PHD, has written this beautiful book for children to help them understand and cope with their sad and anxious feelings surrounding events in the news! What a perfect time to get your hands on this book!!!

I LOVE how this book is written. It feels like Dawn herself is holding your hand whilst she calmly validates and explains your feelings in a nurturing, none patronizing way. She talks to children as though they are equals, providing them with pure self-awareness.

The book delivers the exact same messages of our songs "BAD BUBBLES" (A song specially designed to help children cope with their bad thoughts and feelings) and "THE WORRY MONSTER" (A song all about anxiety and to help children understanding fight or flight) I'll put the links below so you can sing and dance along with your little ones :)

"BAD BUBBLES" by Sammy & The Sparks:

"THE WORRY MONSTER" by Sammy & The Sparks:

The book also teaches techniques we teach in our home schooling lesson plans! We have 5 lesson plans available for download but the 2 we recommend alongside this book are "THE BAD BUBBLES LESSON PLAN" and "THE WORRY MONSTER LESSON PLAN"

To browse our lesson plans and to find out more, click here or visit

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