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brand new pop band helping children be emotionally and mentally strong!


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latest news:


We were thrilled to perform our stage show live at Away Resorts Tattershall Lakes in June as part of their Play LIVE festival. Thank you to everyone who came.

We are now busy building the show, expect to see lots of characters popping up in our new, story led stage show... coming soon!


The number of children suffering with their mental health has never been higher. 12.5% of children in the UK are currently suffering with at least 1 mental health disorder.


I wrote this song to help children cope with their bad thoughts and negative feelings. It is a song to teach little ones that they are not their negative thoughts and feelings, they are simply the spectator of them.


Huge thank you to all the children and families involved. We all filmed footage on our phones whilst in isolation. This is what we collectively made...


OUR HOME EDUCATION LESSON PLANS HAVE ARRIVED! Designed to boost your children's wellbeing.

I am so proud to finally be able to offer you these lesson plans. They are designed to help boost children's wellbeing, self-worth, self-belief, self-reliance and self-awareness. There are 5 lesson plans available to download and you can find them here in our online shop.

I have developed the Sammy & The Sparks Lesson Plans at this time in particular for two reasons:

1)  To help reduce fear in children. Covid-19 has come at a time when anxiety and depression in children has never been higher. These lesson plans do not teach subjects that are currently taught in schools. They teach self-help techniques in a fun and positive way, encouraging children to be mindful, self-aware and loving towards themselves. We all experience anxiety and depression at various degrees at some point in our lives and usually find these self-help techniques because of our struggles. The idea is to equip children so they can handle their future (or even present) struggles in a mindful and self-loving way.

2) To provide structure for families who value routine. My hope is that by providing you with ready-made lesson plans, you will find it easier to structure your days in lockdown.

These plans are not to force education but to encourage self-exploration and loving, thoughtful conversations with you at home. I hope they encourage thoughtful, loving discussions between you and your little ones and bring lots of joy into your home.

our new song "the worry monster" is out now:

"THE WORRY MONSTER" is a song about anxiety. When we talk about anxiety here at Sammy & The Sparks, we refer to it as The Worry Monster. The Worry Monster, despite being so scary and smelly, is actually there to look out for us. He pops up asking us questions like "are you sure you can do that?" "what if it goes wrong?"... he makes us worry because he cares! His cruel and mean questions are actually said out of kindness. We encourage children to reply to their Worry Monster with a... "Thank you for caring Mr Worry Monster, but this is something I have to do, want to do and CAN do!"


We have been in the papers recently discussing all things Sammy & The Sparks! Thank you to the lovely Harriet at The Express & Star for such a lovely interview.

Have a read and find out how we have completely adapted the project to help serve families at this very difficult time...…/childrens-tv-star-using-m…/


COVID-19 + school tour cancelled:

Last week, we were getting ready to begin our big 2020 school's tour. However, due to COVID-19 we had to cancel.

The show had been 18 months in the making so naturally, I felt pretty lost at first. However, I received so many lovely emails from teachers to say that our songs were really helping their pupils stay calm and that they were playing them in their classrooms to help reduce fear in their children, particularly our song "BAD BUBBLES":

Almost all those teachers said that they had been getting asked the same 2 questions each day...

1) Am I going to die?

2) Are my family going to die?

This really upset me but I knew what I needed to do...

I have completely adapted Sammy & The Sparks. From now on, we will be completely online. Not only will we keep providing music and sing-along music videos for your little ones but we will also be launching our range of lesson plans that you can use at home during isolation! The range of lesson plans are set to launch in the next couple of weeks.


I was invited along to the Curriculum Music Conference a couple of weeks ago alongside Resonance Education. I was invited to speak to Primary School teachers about Sammy & The Sparks and the concept behind the project. It was a wonderful day. It is wonderful to see so many schools's being so active towards helping children mental wellbeing. It is one of the biggest problems schools are facing right now, alongside obesity.


The messages of the songs are not ideas that she ( or I! ) had consciously considered before. We talk about ways to deal with an argument or how good it is to help others but we have never talked about the importance of her celebrating her every day, wonderful self!

It has worked wonders for MY DAUGHTER and for me too!"

"Sammy & The Sparks has really lifted my daughter. She has gained confidence in realising that she has a great deal to offer to others and that she is lucky to be herself!

Alexia Johnson - happy Mum

"You are such a positive, strong woman who is an inspiration to me and hopefully everyone who follows you. I hope Sammy & The Sparks inspires children to be themselves and makes you proud to have created such a project."

- Katherine - HAPPY MUM

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